Monday, July 09, 2012

TungaBhadra dam

TungaBhadra dam is constructed across river Tungabhadra, a tributary of River Krishna. The dam is built near the town of Hosapete in Karnataka. It is considered as a multipurpose dam or project.

Multipurpose dams are the one's which help in generation of electricity, irrigation of land, Prevention and control of floods etc. It has become a picnic or tourist spot over the years. The dam is near to world famous heritage site Hampi.
Industrial pollution has damaged the Tungabhadra river. Industries and mining located on its banks in the Chikkamagalur, Shimoga, Davangere, Haveri, Bellary, Koppal and Raichcur Districts of Karnataka and Kurnool and Mahaboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh Tunga Bhadra River.
This Huge water body in this vicinity provides water to millions of hectares of agriculture lands.
Hundreds of species of migratory and resident birds depend on the dam.
Plz share this for Creating awareness among the surrounding village students and youth for protection of these winged beauties.

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