Friday, July 20, 2012

The colors you wear can affect your moods

When you wear
colors you like and
feel good in, you
often have a better
day than when you
wear something you don't care much for.
While a lot of the
way you feel about
clothes has to do
with cut, fit and
style, a large part of it has to do with

>BLACK Color pyschologists
have studied and
concluded that black
is appealing because
it means personal
surrender. It implies sex appeal with a
suggestion of

>WHITE symbolizes
purity. Sometimes it's
chosen by a sexy
woman because she
does not want to
seem sexy, but white implies that
she's good even if
she is sexy.

>YELLOW is for
pleasure. A person
wearing yellow is
likely to be a lively
personality who is
not content but is playing second
fiddle. It is
considered an
intellectual color that
indicates a cool, clear
brain but the wearer cries out for sunlight
and emotional

>BROWN is for caution.
People who love it
are probably
practical, dependent
and choose it
because it means staying power.

>ORANGE A person who
chooses orange as a
favorite color is most
likely easy going,
likes good company
and good food, and is a good socializer
with a zest for the
finer things in life.

>RED If you are down and
want to be lifted,
wear something RED.
Wearing something
as small as a red
scarf, a red tie, or even wearing red lipstick can boost your mood.

>Gray is for people
who keep cool. they
are self assured.
They also possess the
look of sophication.

>Blue is the romantic
color. People who
love blue are sincere,
affectionate and
anxious to please.
Blue has a calm, comfortable and
secure effect on
people. Blue and
green calm down
your appetite if you
are trying to lose weight. Insomnia can
be alleviated by
using a dim blue
light bulb, which is
conducive to sleep.

>GREEN is the living
color. It is usually
worn by people who
are tired or
disillusioned and
want to return to the simple life; to a fresh

>PURPLE is for power
and royalty. If you
want to express
feelings of
superiority, wear

>Pink symbolizes the
negative side of
femininity; it looks
too soft and helpless.

No matter what your
favorite color is,
remember it reveals
something about
your character and
your personality. The color you wear, and
the color you are
around all day
affects your mood.

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