Saturday, July 07, 2012

Story of a drug distributor


One drug distributor used to supply duplicate medicine tablets, syrup & injections in pharmaceutical shops of village town and within a year became very rich.

He had big house, cars... living happily with 2 year old son & his wife.

During a festival time his wife went to her maternal home with son... but he could't go with her because of some work.

After his wife reached their hometown, son became very sick... passing loose stool & also vomiting many times.

In that town there was no big hospital, so his wife had to visit local doctor. She bought prescribed medications from local pharmacy.
Meanwhile condition of her son became very serious. Medications given to son didn't worked. At the very last moment she decided to came back to city for better treatment in big hospital. But sadly their son died in the way...
The drug distributor & his wife lost their only son.

After a few day the drug distributor noticed the prescription & medication what was given to his son. He found it was the same duplicate medication what he used to supply.
He felt very much guilty & realized that he was responsible for his son's death & maybe many other.
Then he became so much depressed that one day committed suicide.

Moral of the story:

-- Follow right pathway to gain money.
-- Stop duplicate business specially in medicine.
-- God'll punish every duplicate sellers one by one & make sure u r not the next :-)

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