Sunday, July 01, 2012

Romo, A smartphone dock

If you are interested in your own spy robot, this one is for you! Folks at Romotive have introduced Romo--a smartphone dock on a treaded chassis (basically) to help with its mobility. At its core, Romo is based on a simple concept: "You put your smartphone into a clear chassis and load it up with apps to get it rolling along on a pair of tank treads. Instead of relying on a dock connector to communicate between the phone and the chassis, Romo relies on the transmission of different audio frequencies through your phone’s headphone jack," reports PCWorld. Both Android and iOS users can use Romo, without fiddling with adapters, or purchasing a chassis that would only be usable by a specific phone.
Romotive will soon release a series of apps to provide Romo with a variety of different functions. Since the Romo Kickstarter project wrapped up on 21 November, you will be able to buy a Romo only when they go to market. But yes, you can also pre-order one. For now, the RomoRemote app can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for free .

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