Monday, July 02, 2012

Mobile phone dangers

We hear from time to time reports and statements speak timidly about the dangers of mobile phones on our health, but new this time when the alarm sounded from the World Health Organization!

Where WHO has developed mobile phones in the list of "carcinogens" side by side with the lead car exhaust, and a compound, chloroform, and the organization has reached this conclusion after examining the co There are 31 scientists from 14 countries.
Mobile devices produce waves closer to those issued by the microwave device, the scientists say that the mobile was "cooked" our brains just like microwave food!

Not only influence the likelihood of cancer, but may extend for many symptoms related to the brain and nerves such as lobbying on memory because we put the mobile where the temporal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for memory and emotion!!
And increase the seriousness of these effects with the children because the child's skull and his scalp thinner than adults, as well as the rate of division of cells is faster, so the effect of radiation from the mobile much more on children!

Did not shut up companies Mobile on this report, but responded by attacking on the grounds that it did not provide any new evidence, but all he did was to review the research old have already been published, as well as to the intended research is "some" mobile devices, but not all (or so it claims Assanauh ).
In contrast, the European Organization for Environment launched a similar research group to discuss the effects of mobile phones, while warning of the dangers of these devices on public health to the extent that they considered smoking!
And do not know many of us that the companies Mobile recommends the formal removal of organs from our bodies when making calls to avoid any "threats" to our health, Vtnsah Apple's removal of your iPhone from your body a distance of 15 mm during a call, and for the BlackBerry distance is 25 mm!!
In any case, of course, is difficult (if not impossible) to dispense a mobile phone in our daily lives, at work, so we see some of the tips that experts launched to reduce the harmful effects of the phone:
- Use a wired headset attached:

Most phones come wired speakers, so be sure to use as much as possible, this reduces the proportion of speakers of your exposure to waves outgoing from the mobile device but do not eliminate it completely, if you want to eliminate these waves, you can just buy a piece called bead Lafraat Ferrite Beads:

A piece is installed on the wires to eliminate or reduce high-frequency magnetic waves, and we note its presence in some of the wires of the computer.
- Use external speakers:

It is true that the idea very disturbing especially if you're in a public place, but imagine that the deportation of a Mobile 5 centimeters from your body reduces your exposure to waves four times!!
- Do not wear Bluetooth headsets all the time:

Bluetooth headsets are issued much less the waves of the mobile device, but scientists are advised not to keep it in the ear all the time, as well as change the part between the right ear and left ear now and then so it was not one part of the brain to the waves all the time!
- Do not move much and you're talking!

Issued your waves when you move more dramatically (Khaddazq during the movement of the car or in the elevator as it moves), because the phone then moves from station to another according to Mobile coverage available during your move. Be sure to reduce your talk on the phone while on the move. The same applies to places where the network is weak, which forced the phone to issue more of the waves in search of the network!
- Do not talk much in the mobile, if possible, try to use the SMS!

If we can not bring the phone from your face (sending SMS), do not hesitate to use them!
- Read the instructions booklet!

Ignored by most of us, but if I read the booklet you will notice your tips for public safety, in which each company proposes to keep a certain distance between your body and your phone to reduce the risks!
Some may have to deal with these tips Krvaheh do not deserve all this attention, but remember that these tips and this warning issued by one of the largest health institution in the world!
Remember that what is venturing your health and the health of your children and those around you!!

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