Sunday, July 22, 2012


Chennai's Shravan and Sanjay are probably the country's youngest mobile application developers and perhaps, one among the youngest developers around the world. They are brothers, just 10 and 14 years old. Already three of their apps are in iPads and iPhones. The first is a game called "Catch Me Cop". There's an app for children to learn the alphabet and a prayers app for those on the move. The downloads have crossed the 10,000-mark with users from across thirty countries.

Their father Kumaran is an IT expert who introduced them to computers at an early age. What began as a hobby initially is now making money for them. Sanjay says the he and his brother were very excited when Apple accepted their game first. He says, "There are millions of apps in Apple stores. For me such a young developer to get my apps published, wow".

The budding techies say Steve Jobs and Bill Gates inspired them. They want to specialise in educational apps. Presently, they are developing an app for students who miss classes. Shravan Kumaran explains, "When students take leave for various reasons, this would record all class room activities and put it on the cloud. This would reach your device and you can watch the entire class room activity by the teacher, the exercises etc". Another app in the making is "mobile navigation for the visually challenged". Imagine the mobile phone giving voice alerts to a visually challenged person about the things around him or her! That's what they are working at.
Shravan is in Class VIII and his younger brother, Sanjay, is a Class VI student. Did the parents force them or pressure them to study? Their mother Jyothi Lakshmi says no. "We don't even compel them to study. We always tell them they should enjoy whatever they do", she adds.

The boys are aiming high. Their dream is to design the world's lightest tablet. They've launched a company called Go Dimensions. Just like Bill Gates and Steve, both have earmarked a portion (fifteen percent) of their profits to charity, for the cause of children in particular !!!

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