Sunday, July 01, 2012


Most modern women wear lipstick very frequently, being unaware of the fact that some types of this cosmetics can actually be harmful to their dental health. According to Brazilian specialists at the University of Sao Paulo carried out a series of scientific researches and experiments. They tested 10 most famous and popular brands of lipstick and found out that using most of those can eventually lead to increased risks of dental plaque and other dental problems.

The scientists studied chemical composition of the cosmetics product. It turned out that the majority of lipsticks contain hard paraben wax, a sticky substance which can easily get stuck to our teeth together with food particles and numerous bacteria. This way, an excellent environment for bacterial growth and dental plaque development is created, and it is possible to avoid such negative effects only by brushing teeth very frequently. Therefore, prolonged use of lipstick causes small damages of tooth enamel leading to formation of cavities.

According to Antonio Xavier, one of the leaders of this interesting research, lipsticks contain really small amounts of such paraben wax, but using lipsticks on a daily or regular basis can cause the above mentioned dental problems even within 2-3 months. In order to avoid possible negative effects of using this cosmetic product, Brazilian dental specialists intent to create a special spray which would be able to protect tooth enamel from the wax and pathogenic bacteria. It is estimated that an average woman who regularly uses creams, mascara, lipstick and other cosmetic products, every year receives up to 2 kilos of harmful chemical compounds.

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