Saturday, July 07, 2012


A Kolkata engineer has designed a cycle-rickshaw that uses passenger load to push the vehicle and reduces the puller's drudgery by using bumps on the road for propulsion.

Pratik Kumar Ghosh's wonder vehicle, which promises to improve the lives of thousands of rickshaw pullers, is easy to make and is also cheap.

Ghosh is hoping that manufacturers and state governments looking to help rickshaw pullers will pick up his design
"The rickshaw resembles conventional rickshaws and can be assembled with the same parts which are currently in use," Ghosh, 55, said talking bout his design that won a union government innovation award.

The innovator, who works as an assistant general manager with Shriram EPC Ltd, said his design would make bumps and unevenness of the road favourable to the rickshaw puller -- converting the shock and vibration to a propulsive force...

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