Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Digital Valuation System (DVS) in VTU is done

1. All the answer scripts are scanned with the help of high speed scanner and these scanned answer scripts  are uploaded onto their VTU  server.

2.After the answer scripts are uploaded these scripts are then sorted out according to their subject code and scheme.
3.Now the Evaluator logs in through his username and password given to them.
4.After the sucessful login the Evaluator gets the answer scripts according to Evaluator’s subject.
5.The Evaluator selects the answer script and starts evaluating.The Question no. will be at the left corner and the number of marks awarded for the answers on the right hand corner.
6.The Evaluator may correct all the questions which the student has attempted,Evaluator  need not to care whether the student has attempted 6 or 7 units.
7.With Digital Evaluation,the software takes only best of 5 questions which the student have attempted without any human intervention. So there virtually no room for error.
8.The software now calculates the total marks and returns the total marks to the Evaluator to finalize the marks.
9.And the results are updated for the specific USN

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