Sunday, July 15, 2012

earthy facts

Incredibly Lucky Earth Facts
why we are on earth???

1.Our world orbits the sun at just the right distance — not too hot, not too cold.

2.The Moon: But be thankful for our great big beautiful satellite. Without the moon, you might not be here. Its gravitational tug creates tides (with the help of the sun), and one theory holds that life originated in tidal regions. Another suggests tides may have set up conditions for sea creatures to transition and become the first land animals.

3. Stable Rotation: Earth's rotation brings the sun up each morning and, thankfully, puts it back down. If it weren't for this, one side of the world would be unbearably scorched and the other would freeze life to death. So you know, the moon is stealing some of Earth's rotational energy, slowing us down by about 1.5 milliseconds every century. If you can hang around for about 140 million years, you'll finally get that extra hour in the day you've been wishing for.

4. Constant Gravity

5. Protective Magnetic Field

6.Earth was formed about 4.54 billion years ago. It took hundreds of millions of years before simple life forms appeared. However, it wasn't until very recently — around 585 million years ago — that any advanced multicellular animal life developed, and these were just tiny sluglike creatures the size of a pill. Humans have walked the surface of Earth for an eye-blink of geologic time — perhaps 4 million years. If our star and our world had shorter life spans — as many do — we'd never have gotten on our own two feet and developed brains big enough to ponder just how lucky we are to be here

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