Monday, July 23, 2012


Superficial cuts may bleed a great deal, but simple pressure applied over the cut with the palm of the hand or fingers and a clean handkerchief or piece of gauze is usually enough to control it.

1 Clean the cut or scratch with warm running water and ordinary soap. Let the water run on it for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Then wipe out the dirt from the wound with a piece of moist cotton,or facial tissue or toilet paper, if cotton is not available.

2. Do not pour iodine, alcohol, or any other medicine on a cut or scratch. They may burn the injured area and delay healing. Besides, the running water will get rid of more germs than the alcohol or iodine.

3.To stop bleeding, press directly on the wounded area with your fingers and hand. Use a clean handkerchief or a piece of gauze or cotton if it is available. Keep pressing steadily for several minutes
without stopping. This will usually stop bleeding in most ordinary cuts.

4.Don’t get frightened even if there seems to be a great deal of blood. Most cuts will slow down and bleed very little after a few minutes.

5. Don’t take any chances, however. It is always best to get help from a doctor. So even if bleeding has stopped. Cover the injured area with a bandage or a clean handkerchief or, indoors, a clean napkin or towel. Go to the nearest doctor’s office, or to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, to get further

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