Friday, March 09, 2012

World Large Tidal Turbine
This picture represents the AK1000 , it considered the largest and most power tidal turbine in the world, it weighs 130 tons and has an approximate standing tall of 70 feet, the AK1000 coasts £50 million and took 10 years to be develop.
It has been installed under water at the European marine energy center. It generates electricity due to the movementof water through its ...rotor blades, these blades have been designed in such a way to enable the generation of electricity while the tides goes out and comes in through it blades.
It generates 1MW of electricity per hour.but because the tidal stream oscillates back and forth and is not constant, generates on average 35% of that about 3066 MWh per year , which considered enough for around 800 homes.
According to company officials, the giant turbine will have zero impact on the surrounding environment due to a low rotation speed whilst in operation (six to eight revolutions per minute) .The AK1000™ nacelle was fabricated by Soil Marine Dynamics in Newcastle, England and the gravity base structure and system assembly was completed by Isleburn Engineering, a member of the Aberdeen based Global Energy Group.

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