Friday, March 30, 2012

                  >Alternative Car Park Tower / Mozhao Studio<

Winning the Hong Kong Alternative Car Park Tower Competition, the proposal attempts to integrate the Hong Kong City hall, the second-floor pedestrian system and the streets on the second floor. It provides a network of public spaces with atriums and multifunctional areas placed atthe top floor, along with great views of the Victoria Harbor and Kowloon.... Designed by Mozhao Studio, the Car Park Tower is a public building, transforming the typical parking facility into an urban landmark.
The automated parking is located above the multi-functional area, forming an 80 meter high outdoor atrium. Cars are transported from the ground floor to parking spots by the spiral car-lifts and the horizontal rails. The atrium which varies with movement of mechanism of the fully automated parking provides themulti-functional area with a distinctive atmosphere.

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