Sunday, March 25, 2012

>Rotating Tower, Dubai, UAE<

>Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

>Architect: Dr. David Fisher

>Purpose: multipurpose (offices, hotel, residential apartments)

>More info:

... The Dynamic Tower in Dubai will be 1,380 feet (420 meters) tall, 80 floors, apartmentswill range in size from 1,330 square feet (124 square meters), to Villas of 12,900 square feet (1,200 square meters) completewith a parking space inside the apartment. It will consist of offices, a luxury hotel, residential apartments, and the top 10 floors will be for luxury villas located in a prime location in Dubai.
The Dynamic Tower in Dubai will be the firstskyscraper to be entirely constructed in a factory from prefabricated parts. So insteadof some 2000 workers, only 680 will be sufficient.

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