Wednesday, March 28, 2012

                                    >Who invented medicine?<

The invention of medicines dates back to centuries. It was in around 3000 B. C. that the Egyptians used remedies to fight diseases and they also performed basic surgeries by general examination of the patient and mainly the guess work and magic worked. In Greece Hippocrates was considered as the father of the medicine. He was the one to classify diseases and the first to ...perform the chest surgery. He is wellknown for the Hippocratic Oath as the doctors till date, take this oath. The Romans were the one who marked the science of surgical instruments; they used the instruments and developed the cataract operations.
Later in the medieval period the medicines field faced a period of downfall. People had more faith in magic and witchcraft. Then again the knowledge of medicine rekindled with researchers such as Vesalius, Thomas Brown and Servetus etc. who were the strong believers of medicines and totally against the superstitions.
The history of medicine faced renewal in 1865 when Joseph Lister brought the importance of antiseptics to the public. And then one by one people like Gregor Mendel with Mendel’s law, Louis Pasteur along with Charles had theories of germs, developmentof X-Ray’s and ECG’s, antibiotics and penicillin, Crick and Watson with DNA, ailments for cancer, heart and kidney diseases all contributed to the history of medicines.
The continual changes in the history of medicines seem to be so promising so as to eradicate the diseases in the times to come.

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