Friday, November 09, 2012

Radiological findings of scruvy(Long bones)

Radiological findings of scruvy(Long bones)

Info: Radiological findings of scruvy(Long bones)

Scurvy is a common nutritional disorder in developing countries due to high prevalence of malnutrition. Vitamin C performs various important functions in the body. It is required for synthesis of supporting tissues of mesenchymal origin like osteoid in bone, chondroid in cartilage, dentin in teeth and collagen in capillary walls. It enhances iron
absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, acts as an anti-oxidant, required in the coagulation pathway, also in tyrosine metabolism and synthesis of corticosteroids. Amla, guava and citrus fruits are rich dietary sources of vitamin C. Human breast milk has five times more vitamin C than cow's milk, thus breast fed infants are less prone to develop scurvy. Delay in starting weaning foods, improper dietary habits and recurrent diarrhea predispose to scurvy.

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