Friday, November 09, 2012


Cataracts-Few interesting types

Christmas tree cataracts-Seen in Myotonic dystrophy .Christmas tree cataract consists of highly refractile multicolored "needles" crisscrossing the lens fibers of the deep cortex.Cystine is the most likely candidate for the Christmas tree needles .

Oil Drop Cataract -In Galactosemia.Accumulation of dulcitol (galactose reduction product) within the lens cells leads to increased intracellular osmotic pressure and fluid influx into the lens.Early cataracts reversible with dietary restriction of galactose. Zonular or nuclear opacity with increased refractive power of the nuclear portion causes an "oil droplet" appearance on retroillumination.
Cerulean (blue-dot) cataract -Down's syndrome.

Rosette Cataract -Traumatic origin.

Sunflower Cataract -In Wilson’s Disease .

Polychromatic luster-bread crumb appearance -Complicated cataract .

Zonular cataract or Lamellar cataract (Cataract with riders) -the most common type of Congenital cataract

Morgagnian cataract - one type of Hypermature senile cataract . The cortex has turned into milky liquid and the nucleus is displaced inferiorly.

Glass Blower’s Cataract -Due to Infrared irradiation.

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